Coming Events


This is not an exhaustive list but I'll try to keep it up to date to the best of my ability.



Detective Stories Issue #1
Publication Day
Wednesday 7th June

Signing at Forbidden Planet London
Available: Black Mould Trade Edition 
With: Andrew Cartmel and Lee Sullivan
Saturday 10th June
13:00 to 14:00 

The Furthest Station
US Subterranean Press Release

From Publishers Weekly:
 “Aaronovitch’s novella featuring PC Peter Grant of London’s Special Assessment Unit (aka the Folly), which has the brief of investigating “disruptive phantasmagoria,” is an excellent entry point to the Peter Grant series for newcomers who like their urban fantasies rendered with a light touch.”

From RT Book Reviews (Top Pick):
“Though it be but little, this newest adventures of PC Peter Grant (technically book 5.7 in the Peter Grant/Rivers of London series) is fiercely entertaining; the endlessly imaginative Aaronovitch is in top form. Perhaps because there is so much intrigue, ghostly action and unique characterization packed into such a comparatively small space, the deft blend of supernatural adventure and police procedural is particularly impressive here, as Grant is called upon to use all the tools at his disposal, both the magical and the mundane.”


Writers and Artists Fantasy Conference 
Saturday 1st July
Bloomsbury Publishing
50 Bedford Square WC1B 3DP

Tuesday 18th-Sunday 23rd July
KOSMOS/ARGO Literary Stage
21st July
13:30 - 14:30 

Friday 28th- Sunday 30th July
details TBC



Appledore Festival
Friday 22nd- Saturday 30th September
date and details TBC

The Furthest Station
 September 28th
UK Gollancz Release

Friday 29th September- Sunday 1st October
Bull Hotel, Peterborough
details TBC


Kate Ramos said...

You are driving me crazy over the repeated postponements of the hanging tree! If I lived nearby I would offer to come run errands and clean house so you could write more. I miss Peter so much! And the comics are just not enough.

James Richards said...

Mr Aaronovitch, I am enjoying your work immensely and would like to ask a question if I may?
The hints and fragments of Nightingales war efforts, his early life and the climactic Ettersberg ( Please excuse the spelling if it's incorrect, auidiobook listener) are so intriguing, I wondered if it was your intention to continue to drip feed us tales of his life,or would you be planning to write dedicated books of Nightingales war? The latter option would be aces.

Unknown said...

I have thought the same! Would love to have 'prequal' just about nightingale -also delving into his name and other mysteries!

Steeljam said...

I have a friend who loves your work. When do you think you will get over to America for a tour?

April White said...

I'm in London with a 13-year-old fan, and would love to come to one of your events. Will you be back in the city center anytime in the next two weeks?

Caroline said...

Hello! I adore your writing and have devoured all of the Rivers of London Series.

I have a podcast and wondered if you might be at all interested in coming on to discuss the writing life. I've recently recorded a session with your countrywoman, Susannah Conway, who I know happens to be a fan of your books as well.

You can check the show out at on itunes and see show notes at Susannah will be going up next week.

No need to approve this comment, obviously... I just didn't see a contact form on your site.

Very best wishes and congrats on The Hanging Tree coming so soon... I can't wait!


Janet Russell said...

Has anyone else caught the Phil Rickman Easter egg at The Chestnut Tree?

I had a bit of a bookgasm again.


José Juan Contreras said...

Please Janet, explain yourself!

Mike said...

Love your books

Any idea when the best Rivers of London book (not graphic novel) will be published?

Marie Henderson said...

Hi Ben,
We'd LOVE you to guest at the 2017 Get Writing conference as our keynote speaker. How can I get in touch to tell you more about it? So sorry to contact you publicly, but I can't find any private way of doing it. GW is an annual conference put together by writers, for writers, based in St Albans, Hertfordshire - we have approx 25 publishing industry guests and 100 delegates. I'm the organiser. Please do drop me a line if you'd like to hear more - we've got our fingers crossed that you will!
Best wishes,
Marie Henderson

Trialia said...

Do you mean "next"?